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Performance Requirements of Electric Furnace Lining

Date:2016-07-01 18:06 From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory Author:sunrise
The electric furnace lining refers to the lining of the melting chamber, including the furnace cover, walls and the bottom. Its performance directly affects the quality of steel and other economic and technical indicators. 
Performance Requirements of Electric Furnace Lining
The refractory materials for the furnace lining include basic refractory and acid refractory. Currently, most electric furnaces adopt basic linings. The acid lining is only used in the production of steel castings or gray cast iron.
The requirements for the refractory materials of electric furnace lining include:
1) Have enough refractoriness and softening temperature under load. Under the action of the arc, the temperature of the inner surface in different parts can be up to 1500-1800℃.
2) Have high resistance to slags. The slag, smoke and dust at high temperature will permeate into its interior through the lining, which will cause the damage and spalling of refractory materials. 
3) Have good thermal shock resistance. In the steelmaking process, the temperature of the lining materials may have sudden changes due to operations such as opening the door and lifting the furnace cover. Sometimes, spalling and cracks may occur. 
4) Have enough strength. The lining may suffer from shock during loading, vibration during tilting and erosion by metal, molten slags and gas flow during boiling. 
5) Have low thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity. 
The main refractory materials used in the electric furnace include magnesia brick, dolomite brick, high alumina brick, silica brick and magnesia ramming mass. Since the working conditions in different parts are different, the refractory materials used are different. 

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