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Chemical Composition of Refractory Materials

Date:2016-07-01 18:06 From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory Author:sunrise
Chemical composition is the basic characteristic of refractory materials. Generally, according the content and function, the components of refractory materials can be divided into main components and sub-components. The sub-components include the impurities mixed in the raw materials and additions during the manufacturing process. 
Chemical Composition of Refractory Materials
1) Main components
Main components are the basic components constituting the refractory products. They determine the properties of refractory materials. Their main ingredient can be an oxide, an element or a non-oxide compound. According to the chemical properties of the main components, refractory materials can be divided into acid refractory, neutral refractory and basic refractory.
Acid refractories contain a considerable amount of free silica (SiO2). The most acidic refractory is silica refractory, which is composed of 94-97% free silica (SiO2). Compared to silica refractory, fire clay refractory contains less free silica (SiO2) and is weak acidic. Semi-silica refractories fall between the two. 
Neutral refractories mainly include carbon refractories, high alumina refractories and chrome refractories. Since high alumina refractories contain more than 45% Al2O3, they are slightly acidic and tend to be neutral, while chrome refractories are slightly basic and tend to be neutral. 
Basic refractories contain a considerable amount of MgO and CaO. Magnesia refractories and dolomite refractories are strongly basic. Magnesia chrome refractories, magnesia forsterite refractories and magnesia spinel refractories are weakly acidic. 
2) Impurities 
The raw materials of refractories are mainly natural minerals which always contain some impurities. Those impurities are oxides or compounds that can react with the matrix and reduce the refractory performance. For example, the main component of magnesia refractories is MgO and other oxides are impurities. The flux effect of impurities can reduce the forming temperature of the eutectic liquid phase. 
3) Additions 
During the manufacturing process of refractories, in order to promote their high temperature variations and reduce the sintering temperature, sometimes a small amount of additions are added. According to the purpose and function, those additions can be divided into mineralizing agent, stabilizer and sintering agent. 

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