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Protective Measures For Refractory Materials

Date:2017-06-15 14:56 From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory Author:sunrise
After refractory materials are transported to the plant, protective measures should be taken to protect them. 
When storing refractory materials, keep them from moisture or do not store them for too long. During the laying process, avoid using bricks with missing angles or edges, cracks on the surface and incomplete shape. Inspect and check the masonry work to ensure the masonry quality. </div>&#10;<div>&#10;&#9; </div>&#10;<div>&#10;&#9;In the normal production, to maintain the refractory bricks, the following protective measures can be taken:</div>&#10;<div>&#10;&#9;1)<span class=" apple-tab-span"="" style="white-space:pre"> Strengthen the maintenance of machinery and electrical equipment, enhance the inspection of post personnel and workshop technicians, identify problems and deal with them in time to ensure the good condition and operating rate of equipment.
2) Enhance the technical operations, optimize the operating parameters, stablize thermal principle and system conditions, reduce fluctuation and prevent the system from starting or stopping again and again.
3) Make sure of the sealing of system and stablize the volume of feed. 
4) Choose low-temperature calcination technology and control the outlet temperature of the differentiation furnace within 870-880℃ and the outlet temperature of exhaust gases within 300-330℃.
5) Make a good ingredients planning and control the raw material composition.
6) Suitbily control the fitness and moisture of coal. 
7) Enhane the control of raw materials into the plant, pre-homogenization and the alkali content of the raw material.
8) Cultivate excellent operators.

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