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The Difference between Checker Work and Checker Brick

Date:2016-02-15 09:06 From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory Author:sunrise
The checker work is the lattice masonry constructed with refractory bricks in the regenerator, while the checker brick, also called the plaid checker brick, refers to the refractory brick of the checker work. 
The Difference between Checker Work and Checker Brick
The regenerator should have a sufficiently large volume size and heated area to make full use of the waste heat and improve the preheating temperature of preheating gases. There are many type of checker work. The check work should meet the following requirements: make full use of the volume of the regenerator, have a large heated area and heat storage capacity, have even distribution of gas flow, high heat transfer efficiency, low air flow resistance, high temperature corrosion resistance, high structural stability and easy maintenance and cleaning.
The checker brick is the medium of the heat transfer between the high temperature waste gases and the preheating gases. The checker brick should have good corrosion resistance and thermal shock resistance. Commonly used refractory materials for the checker brick include fire clay brick, high alumina brick, magnesia brick, forsterite brick, magnesia chrome brick and AZS block. The checker bricks in different height can adopt different materials to improve the proeperties of checker work.

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