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How to Slow Down the Corrosion in the Sidewall of Glass Furnaces?

Date:2016-07-01 18:06 From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory Author:sunrise
The sidewall brick is the key part of the glass furnace. Its service life will directly affect the service life of glass furnace. Proper design, selection and use of the sidewall brick are the key to expand the service life of the sidewall. 
How to Slow Down the Corrosion in the Sidewall?
The sidewall brick is subjected to the erosion and corrosion by batch materials, glass liquid, flame and air flow at high temperature. The following measures can be used to slow down the corrosion in the sidewall. 
1) Stabilize the liquid level of glass liquid.
2) Air-cool the sidewall. 
3) Add crushed sodium silicate in the both sides of the feeding port and prevent the batch materials from touching the sidewall. 
4) Install water boxes when the 1/3 of liquid level is corroded. 
5) Adopt central solid material pipes and tie-bricks.

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