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The Distortion Inspection of Refractory Products

Date:2015-12-21 17:01 From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory Author:sunrise
The deformation of products after firing is called distortion. There are three inspection methods:
The Distortion Inspection of Refractory Products
1) The distortion is inspected with a feeler. The feeler is made of metal sheet, with a width of 10mm. Its thickness is 0.1mm larger than the permissible limit of the standard. For example, a 2.1mm thick feeler is used to inspect 2.0mm distortion. 
2) When inspecting the distortion, the product is placed on a flatbed and kept stable. The flatbed should larger than the inspected side. Then the feeler is inserted smoothly into the biggest gap formed by the flatbed and the product. The insertion depth of the feeler should be not more than 10 mm. 
3) Press the distortion and inspect the indentation. 

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