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Glass kiln with refractory general form of damage

Date:2018-01-02 14:14 From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory Author:sunrise
Glass kiln refractory materials (such as fused zirconia corundum brick) in the course of its use, to withstand high temperature, rapid temperature changes, changes in the atmosphere and dust, flue gas, molten metal and slag erosion, the damage mechanism is very complicated, it is difficult Make the right judgment.
Glass kiln refractory used in the process of damage, not only the slag erosion (continuous), but also fracture and picks (non-continuous type) factor. After a comprehensive analysis of the results of the use of refractory materials for glass kilns, the way of damage during use can be summarized into three basic forms.
1, Due to the mechanical stress and thermal stress of the structure, the glass kiln is damaged by irregular cracks (thermal and mechanical peeling or flaking) on ​​the refractory lining.
2, Due to the continuous scouring of the molten glass, the infiltration of molten slag and the temperature fluctuation on the hot surface (working surface), the structure of the fused zirconia corundum brick is changed, and thus the unique metamorphic layer is formed. In the original layer and the metamorphic layer The interface with the heating surface parallel to the crack and damage.
3, due to the glass melt, slag and soot reaction and melt flow and wear, mainly due to the liquid phase and AZS brick surface layer of corrosion.
Refractory glass kiln used in the process, in fact, is thermodynamically unstable. Therefore, the direction of the research and development of refractories for glass kilns is to establish a kinetic barrier within (and in the vicinity of) the refractory to resist the deterioration caused by the eventual irreversible structural and compositional changes

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