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Various parts of glass furnace refractories and precautions

Date:2017-11-16 10:26 From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory Author:sunrise
(1) pool wall brick
Sodium soda lime soda, boron-containing pool kiln The ideal pool wall material is fused zirconia corundum brick. Melting alkali or low alkali glass fiber due to acid erosion, the pool wall brick material selection AZS brick or compact zircon stone brick.
(2) Pool bottom brick
Bottom brick requirements can be wear-resistant and has integrity. Limit the use of multi-layer composite pool bottom structure. Multi-layer structure is generally in the main layer - clay brick insulation below. The top of the clay brick is provided with a protective layer and a wear-resistant layer. The protective layer is made of zircon quartz sand ramming material or fused corundum ramming material. Wear layer in the protective layer above to protect the ramming pool bottom, direct contact with the glass of liquid, commonly used with good corrosion resistance, wear resistance of the fused AZS brick.
(3) feed tank brick
Feed tank brick by the powder and glass of liquid erosion, material layer wear, flow erosion and the impact of the flame it, so the damage is more serious. High-temperature wear-resistant materials need erosion, commonly used non-shrinkage ZrO241% fused zirconia corundum brick, and increase the brick thickness, and strengthen the air-cooled. In addition to corner brick, the other parts can be used ordinary cast 33 # AZS brick. The lower tank can also be considered for adding clay brick pouring kaolin.
(4) flow hole brick
In the pool kiln, the flow velocity of the liquid hole is the largest, and the convection is obvious. Therefore, the abrasion is serious and the erosion is also accelerated. Flow hole with non-shrink hole 41 # AZS brick.
(5) cooling pool and molding pool brick
 Cooling, molding pool is already molten, clear glass, has entered the melting process of the late. At this point, absolutely can not give the glass also cause any defects. The cooling pool needs the AZS brick produced by the oxidation method, the glass phase precipitation temperature is high, and does not bring bubbles to the glass. The molding pool uses fused α-β Al2O3 brick.
(6) brick roof and chest wall
The damage characteristics of this part of the brick body are erosion and burning. It is required to use a material that is extremely stable to alkali vapor at high temperature and has high softening temperature and creep resistance. You can use silica bricks, high-quality silica brick and 33 # fused AZS brick.
(7) front wall and flower lattice wall brick
This is the melting two front and rear walls space. They also have two characteristics of erosion and burning. In addition, the front face wall is subject to wear and erosion of the batch material and erosion of the overflow flame, which is one of the weaker parts of the pond kiln. At present, the use of fused 33 # AZS brick, there are also high-quality silicon brick and sintered AZS brick composite use. In addition to the use of high-quality silica brick front wall outside also need to meet the air-cooled.
(8) stove with brick
Can be divided into spout, small neck, nozzle brick and other parts to consider. Fireplace brick requirements can be high temperature, erosion resistance, erosion resistance, but also have a certain resistance to thermal vibration. If you burn the furnace gas can be used when the silica brick, or kaolin brick, if you burn the high heat value of fuel (heat is not a large load), spray mouth 碹 brick, fire mouth wall brick, floor brick, nozzle with 33 # AZS brick, floor can also be sintered dense corundum brick.
(9) special parts of refractory materials
Some parts of the pool kiln masonry, such as bubbling holes, kiln ridge, electrode holes, inspection holes, measuring holes and so on. They have special uses, but also have their own damage characteristics. Foam bricks are subject to intense wear and tear of the fast circulating fluid. Bubble brick inside and outside the larger surface temperature difference will have a large mechanical stress, easily lead to crack. Kiln bricks will also be severely damaged by high temperature liquid flow. Both types of bricks can be produced by the oxidation method without shrinkage ZrO241% fused zirconia corundum brick. Electrode hole bricks due to strong erosion of the circulating fluid around the electrode, but also due to electrode cooling caused by the large temperature difference within the brick, resulting in large mechanical stress, resulting in radial cracks around the brick holes. Therefore, the requirements of brick erosion resistance, wear resistance, but also have a certain thermal shock resistance and high resistance. In addition to considering the selection of materials, their electrical properties, but also consider the glass liquid conductivity and electrode arrangement. Commonly used in the production of non-shrinkage zirconia ZrO241% zirconia corundum brick, the material is less thermal shock resistance, can consider the use of fused silica brick or sintered dense zirconium brick production. Measurement hole, inspection hole by the long-term erosion of the kiln overflow flame, easy to be burned and cracked, commonly used custom ZrO241% ZrO2 corundum brick.

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