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The Flame Space Of The Glass Furnace

Date:2016-03-22 11:29 From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory Author:sunrise
The flame space of the glass furnace includes the front wall, the crown, the breast wall, burner and gas space divider. These parts are not only subjected to the high temperature corrosion by dust and molten glass but also bear high temperature loads and periodic temperature fluctuations caused by the exchange of fire (50-100℃). 
The Flame Space Of The Glass Furnace
Traditionally, silica brick is used in those parts, but with the use of the fuel with high heat value or oxygen-enriched combustion technology, the temperature of the furnace is increased. So, high quality silica brick, fused cast AZS, α-fused cast alumina block, α+β-fused cast alumina block and β-fused cast alumina block are widely used now. 
The front wall is subjected to the wear and corrosion by the batch materials and servere erosion by overflow flame. Fused cast AZS block 33# or high quality silica brick and sintered AZS block are used. Besdies, air cooling is required to protect the front wall. 
The crown and the breast wall are mainly subjected to the honeycomb pitting and burning by the alkali sulfate. Refractory bricks used in these parts should have good corrosion resistance to the molten glass volatiles, high softening temperature under load and good creep resistance. silica brick, high quality silica brick and fused cast AZS 33# can be used. 
The refractory bricks used in the burner should have excellent resistance to high temperature, corrosion, erosion and thermal shock. When the producer gas is burnt (the thermal load is low), silica brick and even kaolin large brick can be used, but the tongue brick must adopt fusede cast AZS 33# block. When high calorific value fuel is burnt (the thermal load is high), fused cast AZS 33# can be used in the port, oblique arch interlayer and burner block and fused cast AS 41# can be used in the thinnest part. Slope arch and arch horizontal channels should use silica brick and the bottom brick can use dense sintered cordundum brick. 
The gas space divider of the float glass furnace can use the same materials with the crown. The gas space divider of the daily glass furnace can use silica brick or sintered mullite brick. 

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